Sporty’s Birthday

For Sporty’s eighth birthday, she wanted to go play mini golf. We had been planning a trip to the little local amusement park the following weekend, and since they have a mini golf course we decided to squeeze it all together.

If you haven’t played mini golf with three children, it is not something I recommend. J and I learned last time that it is best if we don’t attempt to play ourselves.

Do I look patient in this photo?

Because I am not. Actually, I am not sure I can think of a kid activity I enjoy less than mini golf. I think I would actually prefer a birthday party at that animatronic mouse’s pizza place. On a Saturday afternoon even. And J is not much better. Fortunately, we had brought reinforcements.

The rest of the afternoon was great though.

The bumper cars in particular were a huge hit.

And there is not much I can think of that makes me smile bigger than watching my kids (and husband) ride on a littleĀ  rollercoaster.

As long as I don’t have to ride myself.


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4 responses to “Sporty’s Birthday

  1. So happy for you guys that it brings tears to my eyes!! happy Birthday Sporty!! :)

  2. Awesome roller coaster pics.

    I think we should be J and my hubby up against each other on the bumper cars. They both seem to have the same expressions – brings out the 11 y/o boy in both of them. :)

  3. And your blog header photo is waaaaaay outdated. I think the 7th pic should be the new blog header.

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