Halloween at the Museum

Presenting “Vampire Princess Getting Married”, Storm from the X-Men, and “Super Strong Karate Hero”. My big plan for Halloween since the Spring was for us to go as a family of cockroaches. I think that would be genuinely creepy. One by one the member of my colony dropped off and I didn’t think one cockroach was nearly as dramatic, but I think that was for the best. What they chose for themselves was cheaper (Kids’ costumes averaged about $12 each) and much more representative of who they are at this moment.

Since the weather on Halloween is pretty unreliable around here, we typically do some Trick or Treating indoors as well. We skipped the mall in favor of the public museum this year. It was a longer drive, but I am glad we did it.

It is much more interesting to wander the exhibits at our own pace looking for trick or treat stations than it is scrambling to get to as many of the stores as possible before they run out of candy.

They also had various activities for the kids, though we just had time for one craft.

We were there until nearly 9pm, then had to drive over an hour home. Since some members of our family typically have a 7pm bedtime, that got a little late, and there was a moment when it looked like at least two members of our family may unravel. But they pulled it together. So, happily, we made it though the whole evening breakdown free.

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