East Coast 2 – Capitol Tour

We arrived in DC a little ripe, but our host, Boop, said she didn’t care and took us straight out to a late lunch after a change of clothes. She ordered us way too much food, as usual. Jeremiah got his first of many rounds of raw seafood (oysters) of the trip, and some catfish, which I sampled as well. I had crabcakes and salmon. The girls, of course, had cheeseburgers.

From there, we went to the Capitol for a tour, which included a tour of the Speaker’s Office and Balcony.

It was pretty amazing to me. While I don’t think the kids were bored, I also don’t think they really got the gravity of how cool it is to walk those hallways, offices, and rooms so central to our country’s history (and present). Someday.

This couldn’t have been more evident during my stop to use the bathroom. While the rest of our party waited outside, four Congressmen that Boop knew came strolling by and stopped to chat. Poor J was starstruck, could barely speak, and couldn’t even remember his own Congressperson’s name (sorry, Tammy). The girls couldn’t have cared less.

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