East Coast 5 – The Fourth of July

We went downtown to the local Fourth celebration for the afternoon. Overall, it was kind of a bust. The kids were grouchy and hot. One kid, N, waited in line for one activity – face painting. The rest of the kids moped around and browsed/spent their allowances at the toystore. Still, totally worth the trip because we got the best group photos of the week.

Sporty and Big N really bonded on this trip. Big N has been going to basketball camp. He and his dad took Sporty out to the basketball courts several mornings to play.

J also got a nice shot of the pretty little church with the very old graveyard we walked around in last year, sparking the idea of the Williamsburg trip.

After we walked around a bit downtown, we went to a bayside restaurant for lunch and to watch the boats. Again, not the best time of our trip because the service was ridiculously slow. I also got a phone call that kept me outside most of the wait – my brother Jerrod called to say that Mary James seemed sick. He took her to the emergency vet, where they gave her fluids and an antibiotic. The next day he took the day off work to stay with her. I talked to the vet and he brought her in again for more fluids and an official diagnosis. She had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis – a very serious and potentially fatal illness. Jerrod, my mom, and my good friend Angie took great care of her while we were gone though and made sure to keep giving her subcutaneous fluids. By the time we got home, she was markedly better and today she seems pretty much back to normal.

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